N3C Open House Week & Community Research Symposium

National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C)

N3C is hosting an Open House to engage CTSA members, newcomers, and the wider translational research community. The event will be kicked off with a one-hour symposium that includes opening remarks from N3C leadership, followed by a PI/Clinician Testimonial with Dr. David Ellison of OCTRI, an N3C Tutorial on how to get involved, a demonstration of the N3C Data Enclave, and flash talks from the Pregnancy & Diabetes and Obesity Domain Teams.

The week then ensues with regularly scheduled Domain Team and Support meetings that are open to all to welcome new collaborators and help them launch their research questions. See the link below for the most current agenda of participating meetings and their links to join. We hope to see you there!

N3C Domain Teams enable researchers with shared interests to analyze data within the N3C Data Enclave and collaborate more efficiently in a team science environment. They include multidisciplinary Clinical Domains that are composed of subject matter experts, statisticians, informaticists, and machine learning specialists who focus on clinical questions surrounding COVID-19's impact on health, and Cross-Cutting Domains that have a varied focus applying to multiple domains. These teams provide an opportunity to collect pilot data for grant submissions, train algorithms on larger datasets, and learn how to use tools for large scale COVID-19 data.

N3C encourages researchers of all levels to join a Domain Team that represents their interests, or to suggest new clinical areas to explore. Multiple research projects and manuscripts can be produced from a particular Domain Team, but collaboration is encouraged for similar concepts.

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