NCATS Bioethics Supplement: Institutional Approaches to COVID-19 Trial Prioritization

The University of Pennsylvania will be conducting a mixed methods study, funded by NCATS through a bioethics supplement to the University of Pennsylvania’s CTSA, to examine institutional approaches to prioritizing COVID-19 trials. The goal of this study is to understand relevant processes and criteria applied during the pandemic, as well as perspectives on potentially extending these approaches to trial prioritization in other disease areas.

The study team plans to invite prioritization committee chairs/co-chairs and other relevant decision-makers to participate from a random selection of CTSAs. Participants will be asked to complete a brief survey, engage in a qualitative interview, and share relevant policy materials.

CLIC was pleased to provide a letter of support for this project and the University of Pennsylvania hopes CTSA Program community members will consider participating. This work will build on CLIC’s earlier survey work: Jayaweera A et al. Prioritizing Studies of COVID-19 and Lessons Learned. 2021; J Clin Transl Sci.

Be on the lookout for an invitation to participate in this study. If you have any questions, please contact: Holly Fernandez Lynch, Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics, University of Pennsylvania: [email protected].

  • Bioethics
  • COVID-19
  • clinical trials
  • covid-19 trials
  • CLIC
  • trial prioritization

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