Cohorts for Change: Building Anti-Racism Initiatives within CTSA Hubs

The CLIC Cohorts for Change anti-racism series promotes structural and administrative anti-racism efforts within CTSAs by engaging small groups of CTSA members from different hubs in a six-month, facilitated anti-racism cohort-based workshop series. The series combines synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities and peer-group learning to facilitate short and long-term change, as well as encouraging ongoing organizational reflection and change at participating hubs. In the pages below, you will find many of the materials and important resources identified by workshop facilitators and utilized in the series. These resources can help support the success of your CTSA’s efforts to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

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Foundations for Change: Becoming a Culture-Centered Community of Practice
The kickoff session will introduce participants to their workshop colleagues and teach participants how to talk about racism & racial equity with radical candor, as well as understand key terms related to racial equity work.
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Identifying and Assessing Institutional Racism
An examination of where and how institutional racism is embodied in organizational structures, policies, and practices at multiple levels, including the context of scientific teams, and identifying strategies for addressing them.
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Undoing the Historical Legacy of Racism in Research
An exploration of the impact of institutional complicity towards the racism in scientific research and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities, both historical and current, followed by a collective sharing of ideas or challenges for CTSAs in engaging their local communities.
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Changing the Face of Biomedical Research
Identification of strategies to advance diverse, equitable and inclusive representation across the breadth of the translational science workforce community, and support long-term career growth of BIPOC students, staff, and faculty
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Developing Leadership Pathways
Examination of leadership pathways and discussion of changes needed to better support and advance diverse leadership, considering the impact of racism on perceptions of qualified leadership, and identifying strategies for cultivating BIPOC leaders from the earliest stages of translational science careers.
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Supporting an Accountable Organization
Development of strategies for supporting ongoing accountability among leadership, programs, and teams, with particular attention to the Action Plans developed by each Hub Team.