Informatics Common Metric


The purpose of this metric is to improve the interoperability of data within multiple systems by making the data adhere to the FAIR data principles to ultimately enable rich machine-readable data.
The Updated Informatics Operational Guideline is now available

This common metric will improve local as well as network capacity to efficiently use data to conduct research. Specifically, the metrics on different data types will aid local hubs in prioritizing additions to their data repositories. Improving the CTSA Program’s clinical research data ecosystem can enhance the effectiveness of collaborative initiatives within and outside of the CTSA Program to provide tools to identify patient cohorts.

Data model scripts for PCORnet, OMOP and i2b2/ACT are available on GitHub.

Hubs using the TriNetX data model should contact to request that their script be run. TriNetX will provide a report.

Notification to CM-PRISM Users

Dear CM-PRISM Users,  We look forward to seeing your Informatics data!  If you run the script and have values that are greater than 100%, we are asking that you:

  1. Create another topic in the Based on the Last 12 months section of the Program Summary and label it “Script Comments on Metrics >100%”
  2. In the Describe specific steps… section, enter any errors that you found or changed in the script.
  3. In the Describe specific challenges… section, enter a brief description of the error found.
  4. In the Identify partners… section, enter “N/A”

We are aware that there may be issues that need to be addressed in the scripts that will be written for next year’s data. We apologize for this inconvenience and will add clarifying text in the Multi-Year Report.


The CLIC CM Team

Operational Guideline