Optimizing the Practice of Mentoring: An Online Curriculum for the Professional Development of Research Mentors

Content is organized into five modules that cover mentoring models, mentor roles and responsibilities, structure and dynamics of the mentoring relationship, and strategies for facilitating, and addressing challenges to, the mentoring process. The course engages learners through text, audio, mini-presentations, self-assessments, and other interactive activities.

Learners can proceed through the five modules sequentially or as self-selected topics to explore, and may return to complete the course at another time.

After completion of the course, learners complete a Mentoring Action Plan and a Course Improvement Survey. Finally, mentors gain access to a toolkit containing helpful resources, including all those referenced during the course.

Learning Objectives

Research mentors who complete this online course will gain the skills and tools necessary to form effective mentoring relationships.

Leadership and professionalism
Communication and teamwork
Time Required
90-120 minutes
On demand
Delivery Method

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