2020 CLIC Un-Meeting: Approaches to Evaluate Non-Pharmacological Interventions in Clinical Research

Approaches to Evaluate Non-Pharmacological Interventions in Clinical Research

Travel Stipend Nomination Deadline: Wednesday, April 29, 2020


The Un-Meeting will explore the idea that both the scientific literature and the popular press are flooded with conflicting reports from studies of non-pharmacological interventions. This is in part because studies of nutrition, nutraceuticals, physical therapy, behavior change, and other similar and/or complementary medicine interventions are often performed without appropriate or consistent pathways for evaluating validity and utility. As a result, many existing studies are not adequate for driving clinician and patient decision-making regarding such interventions. For example, evaluating non-pharmacologic interventions with trial designs, methods, and standards established to support regulatory approval of pharmacological interventions frequently results in negative studies despite strong epidemiological evidence of benefit. Therefore, the goal of this Un-Meeting will be to gather individuals interested in exploring ideas and methods for evaluations of non-pharmacological interventions. Discussions will be focused around the types of evidence needed to advance this area and approaches to obtaining it.

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University of Rochester
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