The Inaugural USP Pharmacoinformatics Workshop

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - 8:00am to Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 4:00pm
Event Details: 

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The inaugural USP Pharmacoinformatics Workshop aims to bring together key thought leaders and innovators from across the healthcare industry to address challenges related to data standards and interoperability along the entirety of the drug data chain - from the time a drug is manufactured until a patient takes it.

The increased reliance on computers to store, process and exchange data related to drugs has provided efficiencies and innovations that range from research and development, manufacturing, e-prescribing, clinical decision support, adverse events and claims processing. However, these advances are often realized in silos, resulting in an under-connected, non-standardized and unmapped drug information infrastructure that cannot sufficiently address fundamental questions related to drug quality, prescribing practices, medication utilization and adherence, outcomes and associated costs. Optimizing the connectivity and interoperability to connect fractured elements across the ‘drug data chain’ provides an opportunity to meaningfully enhance the quality of medicines, operational efficiencies and most importantly patient care and outcomes.  


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