Un-Meeting: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Applications in Translational Science

Location: University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester NY

The Un-Meeting focused on the development, enhancement, standardization and regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning approaches at all stages of the translational science spectrum. Through the unique, attendee-driven Un-Meeting format, the event fostered new collaborations and ideas, advanced research, and explored innovative approaches for technology in translational science. Our premise is that AI and machine learning approaches have a host of applications throughout all stages of the translational science spectrum. From modeling chemical structures to making better decisions for patients, the development and enhancement of technology is an undercurrent running throughout the CTSA Program. With this comes opportunities for new software, new areas of focus, updated regulations, and refining integration. Additionally, the challenges of data validity, generalizability of algorithms, reproducibility and regulation continue to need to be addressed.

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4x4 Presentations:


Summary of the Un-Meeting


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University of Rochester Medical Center, Saunders Research Building, 265 Crittenden Rd, Rochester NY 14642