CTSA Program Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities

The purpose of the Steering Committee (SC) is to enable bidirectional information and idea sharing between the CTSA Program Principal Investigators (PIs) and Administrators, and NCATS leadership regarding activities of the CTSA Program to advance clinical and translational science.

The UL1, TL1, and KL2 PIs and an Administrator are appointed by NCATS to serve up to 3 years. Terms typically begin January 1 of Year 1 and end on December 31 of Year 3.

The SC Co-Chairs lead the SC and organize meeting agendas. The SC Co-Chairs are the NCATS Director and 1 UL1 PI SC member. The UL1 PI Co-Chair is selected with input from NCATS leadership. A UL1 SC member is eligible for appointment as a Co-Chair after serving 1 year on the SC. Therefore, the selected UL1 SC Co-Chair serves a 2-year term in this capacity.

The CTSA Program SC is comprised of 20 members: 12 UL1 PIs, 1 KL2 PI, 1 TL1 PI, 1 Administrator, 1 PI of the CTSA Program Coordinating Center, 1 PI of the Trial Innovation Network (TIN), 1 PI of the CTSA Program Clinical Data to Health Coordinating Center (CD2H), the NCATS Division of Clinical Innovation (DCI) Director and the NCATS Director

With the CTSA Program Steering Committee approval, the SC Roles and Responsibilities has been updated on November 24, 2021 to reflect the following revisions:

  • CTSA contact PIs and Admins are eligible to serve on the SC if their hub has at least 2 years remaining in the award cycle
  • CTSA contact PIs and Admin SC member terms are 2-3 years depending on the number of years remaining in their hub award cycle
  • NCATS Director will serve as an ex officio member of the SC effective Jan 1, 2022
  • NCATS Director for the Division of Clinical Innovation will serve as the SC Co-Chair effective Jan 1, 2022

Please note that this is a living document and is subject to change. 

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