Informatics Enterprise Committee

Goal: Modern informatics methodologies and techniques to support clinical and translational research, community engagement, and enhance training.

This Enterprise Committee focuses on: 

  • Creating a data ecosystem that accelerates and disseminates discovery and enables creation of new knowledge thru meaningful integration of diverse data.  

  • Enhancing training in the development and use of informatics methods and tools. 

  • Supporting research networking that enables access to clinical and translational research expertise. 

  • Ensuring interoperability of digital assets to enhance collaboration in the research environment through implementation of robust data and metadata standards, adapting adequate semantic approaches and development of policies and practices for data and software access and sharing. 

  • Facilitating the innovative use of informatics technology in personalized medicine, education, patient recruitment, community engagement and dissemination of health information and practices as well as integration, analysis and visualization of research data. 

  • Supporting the CTSA consortium-wide initiatives in enabling multi-site clinical trials. 

Are you a new hub representative to the Informatics Enterprise Committee?

  • The iEC Lead Team would be happy to help onboard you to the activities and opportunities available through the iEC. Please contact the CLIC Coordinator at and they will connect you with the Lead Team. 
Holden-Wiltse, MPH, MBA
Executive Director CLIC

Informatics Enterprise Committee Leadership

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