Workforce Development Domain Task Force

Goal: The translational science work has the skills and knowledge necessary to advance translational discoveries.

This Domain Task Force focuses on: 

  •  Building an environment that supports and values translational science as “the place to go” for those who want to pursue high-impact careers in health sciences. 
  •  Training and educating a world-leading, continuously learning workforce. 
  •  Developing a translational science workforce that can meet the needs of today and tomorrow.  

Workforce Development Lead, Full & Working Group - meeting frequency:

  • Lead Team - 3rd Thurs., Mo., 2-3 pm ET
  • Full Membership - 2nd Wed., Bi-Monthly, 4-5 pm ET
  • Measures of Impact  - 2nd Tues., Mo., 10-11 am ET; & 4th Thurs., Mo., 2-3 pm ET
  • Mentoring & Supporting TL1  - 1st Thurs., Mo., 9-10 am ET, & 3rd Tues., Mo., 11:30 am–12:30 pm ET
  • Mentoring & Supporting KL2  - used Google Drive to collaborate.
  • Federated Education Platform, Harmonizing Competencies  - uses Google Drive to collaborate.
  • Clin. Research Training for Investigators - uses Google Drive to collaborate.

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DTF Coordinator
Survey Research Team Lead
Rebecca Jackson Ohio State University - Co-Chair
Susan Smyth University of Kentucky - Co-Chair
Susan Pusek University of North Carolina
Jason Umans Georgetown University
Cynthia D. Morris Oregon Health Sciences Univ.
Joan Nagel NCATS

Workforce Development Domain Task Force Full Membership meets 2nd Wed., Bi-Monthly, 4–5 pm ET