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To accelerate clinical and translational research from health science to discovery to dissemination to patients and communities.

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Regulatory Guidance for Academic Research of Drugs and Devices (ReGARDD)

ReGARDD provides academic researchers with the regulatory tools and resources necessary to successfully navigate the pathway from discovery to clinical implementation of new drugs, biologics and medical devices. Investigational New Drug or Biologic Investigational Device Exemption Educational Videos

Lecture: CTSA Visiting Scholars: High risk yet often overlooked: Improving opioid safety for complex older adults

The opioid crisis response has largely overlooked multiple patient populations with complex opioid-related vulnerabilities, including older adults with cancer or dementia. Join Andrew Roberts, a CTSA KL2 Scholar who trained at UNC, for a presentation of findings from his work examining high-risk

REDCap Clinical Data Management

The Data Manager is responsible for the complete data process: from design, to build, to quality control, to cleaning, and finally to archiving. In smaller research teams, this role may be absent or overlooked due to other pressing tasks, or may be parceled out as extra duties among team members

ISP Spring Seminar Series: It Works in Rural Communities Too!

Adopting a Population Health Strategy to Aggressively Reduce Cardiovascular Risk: It Works in Rural Communities Too! Sam Cykert, MD will describe how implementation of the Heart Health Now study affected cardiovascular risk when applied to high-risk patients in 219 practices across North Carolina

Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Immunocompromised Persons: N3C ImmunoSuppressed/Compromised Clinical Domain Team

Many clinical questions have arisen with the COVID-19 pandemic, from who is at greatest risk for COVID-19 infection to adverse outcomes if infected to how COVID-19 has impacted healthcare utilization patterns. To help answer these questions, and many more, the National COVID Cohort Collaborative

FastTraCS Poster

FastTraCS - A novel continuous improvement engine for translational medicine

Moving scientific advances from the laboratory into clinical practice is a core element of translational research. NC TraCS has been committed to fostering the ultimate dissemination of translational research through commercialization and entrepreneurship since our initial funding in 2008 and