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SC CTSI Career Development Seminar Series: Transgender Health

The transgender community faces systemic barriers to health care access, which leads to increased health disparities. Join your colleagues to discuss how to create a more affirming, welcoming environment in research and care.

Education Resource Center (ERC) Series: Managing Stress in Research Courses through Intentional Course Design: Resolutions for a New Semester

This 90-minute interactive workshop acknowledges the stress affecting students and instructors--particularly related to research courses--as we begin a new semester and provides effective course design practices that can aid in managing that stress. Unlike wellness workshops focused on the

Toolkit for Developing Community Partnerships

This toolkit is intended to be a resource for researchers, health care providers and the community who are interested in conducting community-engaged research. This community partnership toolkit outlines the process and approach needed during every phase of a project (e.g. relationship building

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Research Ethics Forum: Ethical Challenges in Pediatric Vaccine Clinical Trials

Issues to be addressed during this 60-minute forum are: What challenges regarding benefits and risks in designing pediatric vaccine clinical trials, and in evaluating ongoing trials? What regulatory questions must IRBs consider when approving pediatric vaccine clinical trials? What are the ethical

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Educational Resource Center Series: Teaching and Assessing Skills that Matter Most: How to Align Learning Objectives to Professional Competencies in Clinical and Translational Science

The field of clinical and translational science has proposed novel professional competencies such as being a process innovator and a systems thinker. This sounds great, but how do we teach this? Faculty face challenges translating stated professional competencies for this field into specific and
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Digital Scholar Webinar: Getting to Outcomes: Supporting Implementation of Evidence-Based Programs

Getting to Outcomes is an approach that helps community organizations set up programs across a wide range of topic areas. This presentation will summarize the Getting to Outcomes approach and its research. In addition, the presentation will show how digital tools have been used to support community


Apply for the USC Regulatory & Quality Sciences Program!

Regulatory science experts shepherd life-improving — and often lifesaving — advances from the first spark of inspiration to the marketplace, reaching those in need. This rapidly growing and global field encompasses every aspect of pharmaceutical and medical device development, quality assurance, and

Delivery of a Virtual COVID-19 Educational Workshop Tailored for Low-Income Latinx Communities

SC CTSI leveraged its Community Engagement team’s existing work with Latinx communities and launched a workshop over Zoom specifically tailored to Latinx and Black/African American community members. To date we have delivered this course, in both Spanish and English, to over 400 Latinx participants

poster describing research partnership between USC, UCLA and LA DHS

Implementation Research & Health Delivery Science with Diverse Populations

Since 2015, the two Los Angeles-based CTSA hubs have partnered with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) to foster partnered implementation research in the DHS delivery system. Service cores and a competitive pilot award supported team-based research that address Health Agency