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The integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV) program is a collaboration of public and private institutions across the Commonwealth of Virginia that brings team science, innovation, and a commitment to train the next generation of clinical and translational researchers. Together, the iTHRIV partners (University of Virginia (Central VA), Virginia Tech and Carilion Clinics (Southwestern VA) and Inova Health Systems (Northern VA)) and our affiliates (Center for Open Science and the Licensing and Ventures Group) are working to support clinical translational research to benefit our diverse rural and urban communities across the state. The mission of iTHRIV is to remove barriers to discovery and optimize the use of data to improve health.

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UVA-iTHRIV Brain Institute

Biomedical Data Science Seminar Series

The Foundations of Biomedical Data Science virtual seminar series is an exciting and topical set of regularly scheduled, weekly, webinar presentations covering the basics of data management, representation, computation, statistical inference, data modeling, & other topics relevant to “big data”

UVA-iTHRIV Brain Institute

Neuron Morphology, Connectivity, and Classification

The dendritic (input) and axonal (output) arbors of neurons are extremely diverse, affecting both signal processing and activity propagation throughout the network. We will present a framework conceptually and quantitatively linking neuron morphology and circuit connectivity using the hippocampal

UVA-iTHRIV Brain Institute

Progress Towards Large-Scale, Consensus-Based Models of Human Brain Function: Contributions from fMRI, meta-connectomics, and neuroinformatics

Neuroimaging meta-analysis offers the opportunity to examine consensus and reproducibility across published studies and translate this knowledge into improved neurocognitive models. Here, I will review the development of neuroimaging meta-analysis methods and provide a review of applications from

UVA-iTHRIV Brain Institute

Integrative Data Science Approaches for Studying Transcriptional Regulation in the Genome

Transcriptional regulation plays a critical role in many biological processes including cell development and cancer formation. Identification of active enhancers and transcription factors responsible for regulating gene expression is an essential problem in functional genomics. With novel


Director of Translational and Clinical Research Education, Training and Partnerships

Position title: Director of Translational and Clinical Research Education, Training and Partnerships Summary: Located on Virginia Tech’s Health Sciences campus, general responsibilities would encompass engagement with the medical student research curriculum at Virginia Tech Carilion School of

"iTHRIV"ing Through the Pandemic: The iTHRIV/KL2 Scholars Program Across Two Institutions

The iTHRIV Scholars Program is a two-year, cohort-based, mentored, career development award open to eligible junior faculty candidates at the University of Virginia (UVA) and Virginia Tech Carilion (VTC). Awardees participate in weekly curriculum sessions focused around developing their careers in