Doctor’s passion for the community brings important contributions to institute

George Garrow

On a recent summer day in Sharon, Pennsylvania, Dr. George Garrow ate lunch at café, a product of the former steel town’s revitalization efforts. A woman approached him as he sat eating. 

“You probably don’t remember me,” she said, sheepishly, as she mentioned a medical issue he helped her with, and about dogs that she had talked in length about in the past.

“Of course!” Garrow said with a smile. “How have you been?” 

At least two other people approached Garrow as he ate. One he worked out with at the YMCA several times. Another was the widow of a former patient. It's all in a day's work for Garrow, who takes a particular interest in the communities he serves and the lives of those who live there. 

It’s this passion that attracted Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute to invite Garrow to be a community representative on its executive committee. This committee is responsible for developing and meeting the institute’s strategic goals. 

Photo: Jordan Woolley/Primary Health Network

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