Director of Evaluation & Tracking

Detailed Description: 

Play an active role to support senior leadership, including the PIs, Executive Director, Core Directors, to work effectively and efficiently with internal and external stakeholders to fulfill organizational and NCATS’ mission;

Coordinate data collection to fulfill program evaluation requirements and assist with the CTSA research agenda, and conduct qualitative and quantitative data collection and management;

Develop presentations, reports, templates and e-mails for purposes of providing updates and communications to team members, stakeholders, and senior leadership;

Support and coordinate the administrative and evaluation processes for ICTR Programs using standard performance measurements, continuous quality improvement principles, and project management skills and processes;

Coordinate and support data collection, use advanced analytical skills to analyze data, and provide timely and accurate reports that clearly reflect the programs’ performance and key issues;

Work closely with Evaluation Faculty Leader and other leaders and staff to implement the common metrics as defined by the NIH – National Center for Advancing Translational Science;

Develop data collection tools, perform data cleaning and monitoring, and create processes to ensure data is entered in a timely, consistent and standardized manner;

Participate on the monthly CTSA evaluator conference calls and identify opportunities to collaborate with other CTSA hubs on evaluation and continuous quality improvement initiatives;

Foster a sense of teamwork, cooperation, and community within and among ICTR entities;

Assist with the preparation of the annual progress report;

Acquire, analyze and prepare data for presentations and broader dissemination;

Ensure accessibility and utility of evaluation products and processes;

Support the appropriate use of ICTR’s internal centralized databases, including the monitoring of data quality and integrity and database development;

Assist with planning, analyzing and preparing evaluation research projects for the ICTR.

Qualifications: Skills: 

Analytical: Advanced analytical skills with demonstrated experience in development of data collection tools as determined by project need; proven data management skills, experience with quantitative and qualitative analytical tools (including surveys, focus groups, interviews); experience coordinating and completing scientific research projects, and assessment and implementation of best approaches to compile, analyze and present data. A broad understanding of clinical and translational research, as well as knowledge of the research at Einstein and Montefiore must complement these skills.

Communication: Excellent communication skills as evidenced by preparation of oral and written materials including presentations, proposals, reports, and memoranda both technical and confidential in nature are required, as well as the ability to synthesize and present information clearly and succinctly. Must have the ability to interface effectively with all levels of management and communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders. Familiarity with Internet and social media applications is a plus.

Organization: Exceptionally well organized with demonstrated ability to effectively prioritize multiple assignments and responsibilities; experience maintaining well-organized, easily accessible program shared files. Outstanding attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and ability to anticipate and adjust to shifting priorities, is required.

Time and Resource Management: Demonstrated experience completion of multiple projects and priorities within assigned timeframe and under pressure of deadlines.

Quality of Work: Must pay close attention to detail and meticulously prepare assigned reports, plans and other deliverables within assigned timeline.

Interpersonal Skills: Must be discreet with a high degree of professionalism and capacity to manage relationships with a variety of individuals in differing roles. Must be able to work within a team environment as well as independently.

Qualifications: Experience: 


  • Masters Degree in biomedical or social sciences, research/statistics, qualitative analysis, health sciences or a related field.
  • Experience in program evaluation, or equivalent combination of education and experience required.
  • Strong methodological, analytical, and project management skills.


Track record in evaluation design and instrument development.

Experience with evaluation and applying continuous improvement methodologies preferred.

Experience with leading evaluation efforts in a complex, multi-institutional, and matrixed organization.

Experience in a university setting and with biomedical research (NIH, AHRQ, Foundations, etc.)

Experience managing (database development and management) and analyzing data (including the use of statistical software programs, e.g., SPSS, SAS, R) a plus.roficiency in using various Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Access, Power Point and Outlook.

Knowledge of clinical and translational research environment is desirable.

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