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    UC BRAID Collaborations Work to Impact Health throughout California
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    From left to right: Renee McCoy (MCW), Adam Davidson (UW), Nia Indelicato (UAMS), Aileen Dinkjian (USC), Pam Dillon (VCU), Hardeep Ranu (Harvard), Madeline Gibson (UAB), Margaret Schneider (UCI), Tanya Mathew (OSU), April Bagaporo (UCI)
    The CTSA External Reviewer Exchange Consortium (CEREC): Engagement and Efficacy
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    UCI Optional Functions (2019-2024): 1) Robots that Run with Humans; 2) Harnessing School Based Physical Fitness Data

    UC Irvine's Optional Modules: Robots that Run with Humans and Harnessing School-Based Health and Fitness Testing

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